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Traveling to the 2012 Olympics

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Traveling to the 2012 Olympics

You have watched every Olympic games on your television, but this is the year you want to see the games in person. There is only one small problem. Travel in general is expensive and complicated, and Olympic travel can be even more so. Not only do you have to make travel arrangements, but you also have to pay hefty prices for any event you want to attend. How is it possible to save money while still getting the most of your experience?

Fortunately, many travel agencies also want you to have a great experience. Some seek to save you money, some want to make your planning easier, and some do both! Below are a couple of companies we think provide the best experience:

Kensington Tours:

Through voyagetrek.com, Kensington Tours offers packages for European travel, and they have packages for the Olympics. You can choose the VIP package, which is the most expensive, or you can create a custom trip with the company’s help. You also have the option to take extra excursions and see more than just Olympic events; it is a chance to see and experience London!

Premiere Sports Travel:

Sportstravel.com makes it easy to plan your trip without any worry of overbooking. Just fill out the form, tell them when you are going, what events you want to see, how many are traveling, and other details, and they will create a schedule for you!

Here are some other tips as you make your Olympic travel arrangements:

  1. When booking your flight, try to travel on days of the week when prices are lower. Weekdays tend to be cheaper for travel, especially Tuesdays.

  2. Book your flight, hotel, and tickets as soon as possible. Not only will places sell out, but sometimes prices rise as the demand increases and you get closer to the opening ceremonies.

  3. Research your options. If you compare prices between companies, you are more likely to find a better deal than if you buy the first package you find.


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