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What to Do in London During Summer Olympics 2012

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What to Do in London During Summer Olympics 2012

Massive amounts of people are flooding into London for the summer Olympics of 2012. Many people have tickets to spectate some of the dramatic and eye-catching sports. However, there are still plenty who don’t have tickets and are in town to simply enjoy the energy and bustle of the city during this exciting time. Here are four places to visit in London during the summer Olympics that aren’t the Olympics.

The Tower of London

When visiting London during the summer Olympics of 2012, the Tower of London is a must-see attraction, and is built of acres of towers, not just one. It is easily reached by the London Underground, and is a short walk from the Tower Hill station on the Circle/District lines. Set aside at least three or four hours for this visit, as it is a very large structure with a lot of history. Tickets can be purchased alone at the Tower of London site.

The London Bridge

The London Bridge is a glorious site to see, but also is an area full of life and history. When visiting the London Bridge, make sure to check out the main attractions around the area. The Tower of London castle, the London Dungeon, Shakespeare’s Globe theater and the Design Museum are all located around the London Bridge. The London Dungeon is a neat place to hit if you are into spooky stories and medieval horror stories.

Piccadilly Circus

Join the smiling and joyful crowds that are bustling around the city during the summer Olympics of 2012 under the brightly colored lights of the Piccadilly Circus. This area is a major plaza of London and traffic interchange with Trafalgar Square and Big Ben in open view for pictures. Also, take fun photos with the Eros statue- the Greek god of love- in the middle of the circus.

Tour of Parliament

London’s Houses of Parliament make a fascinating destination. Home to the British Parliament for over 450 years and, before that, home to the royal family. They offer a unique view into the government of Great Britain and its daily workings. From July 29 through Sept. 3 and Sept. 19 to Oct. 1, visitors can sign up for a Blue Badge guided tour, which runs throughout the day, starting every 15 minutes and lasting 75 minutes. The tour follows the processional route taken by the queen when she performs the state opening of Parliament. Tickets can be pre-booked online at https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/houses-of-parliament-tickets/artist/107973/.

Enjoy your stay in London during the summer Olympics 2012 without tickets to see the summer sports. There are many things to do in London, so pack your lunches and hit the London Underground to travel to your next destination!


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