Working Overseas: 5 Websites to Find a Job Abroad

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With the help of the internet, finding a job locally and nationally has been made extraordinarily easy. The same can be applied to finding a job abroad by using the similar research methodologies on internet platforms as you would in your home country.

The search for your new job overseas starts with exploring the following six resources to cross the finish line into a new country with your signed work contract in hand.

1. Working Abroad

Working Abroad is a research platform designed for interested candidates who need advice and guidance on what to expect when working abroad. This user-friendly website offers search capabilities by job, international career fair, and the latest news in working abroad. You can discover unique facts and obtain an in-depth understanding of how to find and apply for a job overseas.

working abroad

One distinct feature to the website is its free IM Chat that allows you to connect directly with employers, professional CV-writing services, banking and healthcare professionals. It is a great place to begin your research. The primary function of Working Abroad is to prepare potential applicants for the following aspects of living and working abroad:

  • How to obtain a visa
  • What to do before you move
  • What to do when you arrive
  • How to find help during the entire process

It is essential to research and understand the policies and procedures of any company you are interested in working for prior to applying. When working and living abroad it is even more important to be informed about the following to ensure a successful transition:

  • Visa requirements
  • Work permits
  • Shipping and storage services
  • Banking abroad
  • Resume and CV services
  • Arrival services
  • Driving and transportation

This website can guide you through these involved processes. If you are still unsure of where to begin, there are scheduled chats that take place every week located directly on the site’s home page where you can get expert advice and your questions answered.

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2. Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad will teach you how to build your career overseas and provide guidance on what type of jobs and internships with marketplace value to apply for. There is a gamut of travel advice from working abroad students and host families; this website offers articles about their first-hand accounts.

transitions abroad

Featured information on the following programs abroad:

Depending on the type of work you wish to do, there are recommendations and links to job listings accompanied by advice ranging from the important questions to ask the employers during the interview to how to travel on a budget and be resourceful in a new country.

One of the site’s unique features teaches you how to study abroad successfully.  It shows how you can start the process anytime whilst offering options for taking a gap year in between high school and college. Whether you are looking for a short-term solution to working overseas or a long-term experience that will lead you to your ideal career there is an opportunity to learn about it here.

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3. Go Abroad

Go Abroad is a well-known international education and experiential travel resource for the thousands of students it has helped find study abroad programs, internships, teaching and volunteer positions. This website does an excellent job assisting students in finding the program that best fits what they wish to accomplish abroad by offering the top programs based on the applicant’s search by country.

go abroad

Under any category selection, featured organizations are listed, and written reviews accompany the recommendation from those who chose a similar route. At the bottom of the home page, you will find a place to search for scholarships abroad. If you are unsure of the logistics of what you are looking to do abroad, within this page are short cuts for scholarships in popular countries and study subjects off to the right side.

If you are unsure where exactly you want to work overseas, there is an online advisor on any page to assist by asking you to fill out a brief questionnaire. Based on your answers, it will match you with an active job listing in a specific country.

A major feature of this website is the program TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), which offers training courses in the United States, and can be completed online. Its services do not end there- once you apply you are matched with a teaching position in a foreign country; a service that has largely contributed to the well-known reputation of this website.

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British Universities North America Club aims to function as a support service. This is a great website to use in your research for its all-inclusive features like:

  • Visa information- eligibility, applications, and cost
  • Tax documentation
  • Job application assistance
  • Travel accommodations
  • Social event calendars

Once you have decided where you want to go, this website guides you by providing countless videos, articles and blog posts from work and study abroad experts. Content which includes scholarships and awards you can apply for no matter where you currently live or where you want to go.

Another major feature of this website is the short term work abroad resource. They offer packages with minimal requirements and assist you in finding your flight, room and board, and transportation once you have arrived.

bunac overseas

Throughout the year, discounted work abroad packages are posted for specific regions up to $250 off the entire trip. There is also assistance for those who are already working abroad, specifically teachers, where they can find information about advising students on travel programs, as well as how to make recommendations.

5. Easy Expat

Easy Expat contains international classified advertisements, discussion forums, and job listings for expatriates all over the world. With a batch of ads updated daily, this resource can help you not only find the job you are searching for but also an apartment, a roommate, used furniture, or a car.

If you sign up for the free membership log in, you can participate in the chat forums and ask any questions you might have and learn what it is like to work abroad in your country of choice.

easy expat

The website is divided into six categories for easy exploration. Discover what you will find under each:

  • Expat Guides- Browse by continent and find recommended service partners
  • Classifieds- Search by continent to find current housing and teaching programs
  • Expat Blog- Offers interviews from former worked abroad students
  • Expat FAQ- Browse by category to find information on jobs, education, practical life or returning home
  • Job Listing- Post your CV and apply for listed positions with search capabilities of full or part time or by job type
  • Cost of Living- Calculate your earnings and compare them to the cost of your lifestyle

With a constantly changing inventory of information, it would be a good idea to follow them on social media to stay up to date on the latest working abroad new:

Employers from foreign countries also frequently review the CVs posted to this website, so it would also be a good idea to keep an updated version of your resume available for viewing.

Travel Medical Insurance

One feature none of the above websites offer assistance with is obtaining information regarding health insurance while you work abroad. Most working abroad programs require its participants to carry a health insurance plan with them for the entire duration of their stay in a foreign country; BUNAC and Go Abroad offer lists of insurance providers in their travel tools and resources section.

Here are a few highlights you should look for in a travel medical insurance plan when doing your research:

  • Flexible deductible rates
  • Covers 100% of eligible travel-related accidents/injuries/illnesses
  • Access to established relationships with hospitals and doctors around the world
  • Coverage for trip interruptions like natural disasters, kidnapping, and terrorist attacks
  • Current health insurance provider most likely does not cover you outside your home country

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