Travel Medical Insurance

Looking for travel medical insurance for your trip abroad? The Atlas Series of travel medical plans offers coverage for travel delays, lost checked luggage, and trips interrupted by certain emergency situations - in addition to vital emergency medical coverage.


Did You Know?

Your home country health insurance may not cover you across international lines – or it may provide very limited international coverage. If you do not have applicable health coverage as you travel abroad, you could find yourself solely responsible for any out-of-pocket medical expenses that stem from an unexpected illness or injury.


You may also need a visa for entry into your destination country. Many visas require travel medical insurance or proof that you’ll be able to pay for unexpected expenses incurred as you travel abroad.


Who Should Consider Travel Medical Insurance When Traveling Abroad?

  • Tourists, leisure travelers, and vacationers
  • Business travelers, freelancers, and individuals enrolled in work abroad programs
  • Missionaries, service workers, and international volunteers
  • Backpackers, adventure travelers, and eco-tourists
  • Study abroad students

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